Our history

Our history

Les fromages Latino

Les Fromages Latino Inc. is a 100% Quebec cheese factory that specializes in typical Latin American cheeses. The owners, Isabel Correa and Eduardo Ibanez, hail from Buga, Colombia and they put all their knowledge, expertise and passion into making cow’s milk cheese, inspired by Colombian, Mexican and Salvadoran dairy products.

The couple, who came to Canada in 1993, began marketing Latin American cheeses in 2005 and by 2011, they had become so successful they decided to open their own cheese factory. Their business has thrived to the point that their four daughters, all born in Quebec, are now involved in the company.


Les Fromages latino inc. has made it its mission to introduce a variety of Latin American cheeses to a diverse clientele of all ages, thereby enabling them to experience a part of Latin American culture. For the Latin American community across Canada and the United States, the company wants to revive happy memories of their origins.